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What Is I.C. Of Mobile Phone? Some Important Information You Must Read.

What Is I.C. Of Mobile Phone? Some Important Information You Must Read.

Do you know what I.C. of mobile phone is?

Then this article will help you know about mobile I.C. Mobile is a necessary daily product of people. Without mobile phones, we can not imagine our everyday life. The mobile has built up with different types of parts. But we do not know about them. I.C. is one of the essential parts of mobile. I.C., its complete form, is an integrated circuit. There are different types of integrated circuits in a mobile phone. Today, we will define them elaborately. Let’s have a careful read of the content.

What is I.C. of mobile phone?

Integrated circuits are the Power providing area of mobile phones. It has two sections in mobile phones. 

  1. Network section.
  2. Power section. 

Network section :

Antenna switch:

first of all, we discuss antenna switch. It is the main I.C. of the network section. It makes up of silver or golden color. 

Work: It searches for networks or signals and gathers them to the antenna. 

Error: If the antenna switch is faulty, it will no longer work for network searching. Then the mobile will have no network. 

P.F.O.: It is the second main I.C. of the mobile network. In the latest mobile set, the antenna switch excluding. Its work included in P.F.O. I.C. It is also called a power amplifier. 

Work: P.F.O. I.C. work for sim card frequency. 

Error: The mobile has no network if P.F.O. I.C. is getting an error. Sometimes mobile sets may get dead.

RF IC: Radiofrequency I.C. founds near the P.F.O. I.C., the network section of mobile phones. 

Work: Normally, it works for processing audio through the radio wave signal.

Error: If RF IC is faulty, then there is a problem with the network section of the mobile phone.

VCO: It also belongs to the network section’s I.C.

Work: VCO IC works together with RF IC. It works to create frequency. 

Error: If it is defective, the phone often displays ‘call end’ or ‘call failed.’

R.X. filter: In the network section R.X. filter also is set up.

Work: It works to filter frequency during the incoming calls. 

Error: the incoming call is affected when it is faulty.

TX filter: It is also part of the network section. 

It also works with filtering frequency. 

Error: There is no network during the outgoing call when it is defeated.

Power section :

Flash I.C.: It exists in the power section I.C. It is also called memory I.C. or ram I.C.

Work: It works for installing software. 

Error: If a found error on flash I.C., the mobile will be dead.

Ram: In the power section I.C. of mobile phones ram is founded.

Work: It works to reload all software temporarily. 

Error: The mobile will slow or hang when it makes an error.

Power I.C.: There are so many small components in a power I.C. Among them, the capacitor is one of the helpful small elements.

Work: Its main job is to collect power from the battery and then send power to all mobile parts. 

Error: If it stops working, power does not reach all mobile parts. Then the mobile phone does not switch on.

Charging I.C.: It finds in the network section of mobile phones. 

Work: Normally, it charges the battery.

Error: If this I.C. is faulty, the battery does not charge. Mobile phones often switch off for low battery.

CPU: It is the primary controller IC of all I.C.’s. 

Work: CPU controls whole parts of a mobile phone. 

Error: If it is faulty, naturally, the mobile will no longer be able to be used.

Audio I.C.: It is also a power section I.C. 

Work: It controls the speaker microphone.

Error: There is no sound if an audio I.C. is an error. 


We can say that a mobile I.C. is the whole internal part of a mobile phone. We are trying to let you know about I.C.’s A to Z information on mobile phones. Generally, this information helps you find out the problem with your mobile phone.

It is more effective for the mechanic. If you want to know more information about- what is I.C. of mobile phone? Then you can ask us throughout the comment box. We are pleased to answer your questions. You can also email us.


Meta: we discuss mobile I.C. dividing into two parts. Also, mention their works and faults. That helps the reader to understand- what is I.C. of mobile phone?



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