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How To Fix Mobile Screen At Home?

How To Fix Mobile Screen At Home?- Here 5 Effective Solutions.

In our daily life, mobile phones are fundamental things. It is an essential invention of technical science. When we use smartphones, sometimes we face some problems with the mobile screen. Sometimes it cracked unintentionally. At this moment, We don’t know how to repair it. That’s why we went to the mechanic to repair it.

But in this lockdown situation, fixing it at home is better than going out of the home. It also saves our money and gears up our efficiency level. So if you have enough confidence you can try to fix yourself to follow our fixing method. Now we are going to discuss- How to fix mobile screen at home?

How To Fix Mobile Screen At Home?

If you want to fix your mobile screen, first you’ll find out the problem. Then it is easy to fix it properly. The mobile screen can be fixed in two ways-

  • Internal way.
  • External way.

Internal Ways:

Sometimes mobile device storage is full and some of their functions don’t work. That’s why the mobile screen hangs and doesn’t work. So you can fix it following these settings-

Clean Device Storage:

If your mobile screen doesn’t work, then go to the setting option and select the device care option, Then optimize. It helps to reduce the screen hanging.

Install Screen Repair Apps:

In the play store, they provide some apps to repair the touch screen of mobile phones. Install one of them as you prefer. Then follow the instructions of set-up. You can fix your mobile screen through this app.

Restart The Mobile:

When your mobile touch screen is not working and it’s at a standstill. You don’t find out the reason. Then just restart your mobile.

Press the power button, then you see three options. Select the Restart option and a few moments.

If your mobile phone hasn’t another problem it will help to fix it smoothly.

Remove The Battery:

If your mobile has a removable battery, you can try this step for a solution.

First, you need to power off your mobile, then remove the battery. Wait for a few minutes and insert the battery again. Restart your mobile. You can stabilize your mobile phone screen to take this step.

If your phone battery is attached to the set, then you can search on the website for this solution. They provide so many solutions to it. You can find a solution according to your problem.

External Ways:

If your mobile screen has cracked it’ll consider external damage. For this situation, you have to repair or change your phone screen. It is easy to handle your phone screen if it cracks a little bit. In below have some DIY solutions for this dilemma-

Scotch Tape And Isopropyl Alcohol:

If your phone screen cracks too much but you don’t have money to fix it, you can use these two remedies to fix your screen.

First, clean your mobile screen with Isopropyl alcohol and tissue. Then carefully attached scotch tape with the screen. After that, it is enabled to use. This solution is- “good for nothing.”

Lemon and toothpaste:

Put a little bit of toothpaste and two or three drops of lemon juice on your phone screen. Massage smoothly on full screen. Five minutes later, clean the screen with tissue. It helps to reduce scratches on the phone screen.

Fix new screen:

If your phone screen doesn’t deserve to be used then you’ll have to change it. For new replacement, you need some instruments-

  • plastic mobile open tools.
  • screwdriver.
  • Glue.
  • New glass screen.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Tissue.

Step by step replacement processes-

First of all, power off the mobile phone. Then remove the screw on the top of the mobile.

Then, carefully open the screen cover from the mobile with plastic tool kits. Don’t rush or force. Just do it with patience.

After removing this, put glue around the phone’s surrounding area cautiously. Make sure that you don’t put on camera. Then attach the new screen cover to the phone. Press softly and turn on the phone.

Replace new screen:

There are different types of models in the market. So all mobile structures are not the same. For some mobile phones, you need to remove the battery, sim card, and SD card first. After that, remove the backside of all screws of the mobile.

After removing all the stuff, Then gently separate the screen frame with a plastic remover. It’ll take your time a little bit. So don’t need to be anxious, just open it patiently.

When you separate the screen frame, then you have to remove the motherboard. But before that, you need to disconnect these parts one by one –

  • USB cable.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Digitizer connector.
  • Internet cable connector.
  • One screw on the edge.

Finally, you can remove the motherboard. So, remove it carefully. Then, you need to remove parts step by step-

  • a screw that stayed near the headphone jack. 
  • The headphone jack.
  • Vibrator
  • USB board.

Now put these all parts back, step by step on the new display frame. Then attach it with the phone and put all the screws again. Insert the sim and SD card and replace the battery.

Now switched on the mobile. So that’s how you can replace your phone screen.



  • If you don’t have enough confidence and brave, then you shouldn’t do this at home.
  • If your phone is more expensive than its repair cost. Then just stop and go to the mechanic to repair it.

If your phone scratches or cracks a little bit then you will try these DIY solution tips to fix it. We think the replacement process isn’t suitable for those people, who have no idea about the mobile replacement.

But you can fix it to follow the instructions step by step. Because it is not rocketry. We hope now you know how to fix mobile screen at home. Even though you have any questions, write this in the comment section.



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