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How To Clean Printer Cartridge? 5 Important Steps You Should Know

Printers are one of the most important machines of our regular life. But without cartridges, a printer is unessential. What is a cartridge in a printer? As a frankly saying, a cartridge is an inkpot. Which helps to print. That’s why they need to clean after two weeks.

When I first bought a printer, it worked smoothly for one year. But after one year, it did not work. Then I searched online and found out that it needs to be cleaned. How to clean printer cartridge? There are some helpful ways. I hope you guys will benefit from this information.

How To Clean Printer Cartridge?

Printer cartridges are one of the essential parts of a printer. So you must take care of it. For a clear look and smooth work, you need to clean it appropriately. You can wash printer cartridges once every two weeks.

There are two types of printer cartridges.

  • Inkjet printer cartridge.
  • Toner printer cartridge.  

Inkjet Printer Cartridge :

Inkjet printer cartridge is a liquid ink cartridge. When the ink dries or clogged the nozzle of the cartridge, it wants to clean.

There are different types of ways to clean inkjet printer cartridges. Now we are going to discuss five essay steps to clean inkjet printer cartridges –

Step-1: Remove the power cord from the back of the printer. Then take out cartridges from the printer. All we need is a lintless hot wet cloth or paper towel. Then press down the cartridge on it. Gently scars the cartridge. All dry ink comes out from the cartridge head smoothly. Repeat the process until it is clean.

Step-2: Take some cotton buds and water. Now lightly soak a cotton bud into water. Then gently rub it on the cartridge nozzle. This process helps to take out ink from the cartridge. Then dry it and set it in the printer.

Step-3: Hold the cartridge nozzle under the stream of hot water for a few minutes. Then dry the cartridge and reinserted it into the printer.

Step-4: If the cartridge is clogged, then prepare some slight hot water and add some soap or bleach to it. After that, soak only the head of the cartridge for two hours or more. Then clean and dry it with a dry cloth.

Step-5: Cover the printhead with a damp cloth. Attached is the hose of a vacuum to the printer cartridge nozzle. Then turn on the vacuum for only a few seconds. Repeat the process until ink flows again through the printhead. clean the excess ink with a soft cloth.

Toner Printer Cartridge:

Toner printer cartridge is powder-based ink. There are no different ways to clean it. But it needs to be cleaned step by step. We should follow some tips or guidelines when we clean it. Below we discuss five tips for cleaning toner printer cartridges.

Step-1: The toner cartridge takes off from the printer. Then leave it for cooling.

Step-2: After cooling, remove all parts, step by step. Then clean it with a toner cleaning cloth.

Step-3: When cleaning the cartridge, you must save face from powder ink. Use gloves when cleaning cartridges.

Step-4: Use a paintbrush to remove dirt. Which spot is hard to reach, with a paintbrush you can easily wash.

Step-5: Take an activated toner cloth and dip it into Isopropyl alcohol. Then gently wash the paper feed roller.


  • If you have not experienced it enough, then do not clean it at home.
  • Before cleaning the printer cartridge, you should talk to an expert. Otherwise, it can be damaged. 
  • It consumed a lot of ink through the cleaning process. So it is a little expensive.

Final Line

Overall it is irritating when printer paper does not print perfectly. After cleaning the cartridges It works smoothly. We hope that these ways and tips help you to clean your printer cartridges appropriately. And understand how to clean printer cartridge?  

You can follow these ways when you wipe your printer cartridges. Also, be careful when you wash it. Because a little mistake can damage or harm your printer cartridge. If you guys need to know more information, you can contact us through the comment box or email. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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